Extra Credit: 1.0.1

Extra Credit is an expansion to be used with the Core Deck of TSSSF! It includes extra goals and ships!

2015-11-25 - version 1.0.1 is the newest version.
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  • Minor wording updates on several cards for clarity


The following cards have been removed:

  • An Awful Lot of Running
  • Contemporaries
  • The Sage from the Past
  • Background Pony Party
  • No Fate But What You Make
  • Patter
  • Freaky Friday
  • Explosion of Chaos

The following cards have been added to the expansion

  • What Happens In Las Pegasus…
  • A Dark and Terrible Secret
  • Visit to the Mirror Pool
  • May I Have This Dance
  • Snowfall Stroll
  • Spontaneous Musical Number
  • Impending Doom
  • Filly, I'm Fabulous
  • Body Double
  • "But I Though You Wanted Whining!" has been renamed to "Picky Picky"
  • "In Two Places at Once" has been renamed to "Science Experiments!"
  • "Most Attractive Scrunchface" has been renamed to "Prettiest Pony of the Year"
  • The requirement of "Family Appreciation Day" has changed to "4 Ponies with the Apple keyword are shipped in a chain."
  • The goal value of "Recruitment" has been changed to 1.
  • The requirement of "I Really Like Her Mane!" has changed to "You break up Smarty Pants and any Pony." and the goal value has changed to 2.
  • The requirement of "Beware the Groove" has changed to "You break up any {alicorn} with wany Pony with the Elder keyword."
  • The requirement of "A Blessing of Alicorns" has changed to "5 {alicorn} are on the grid at the same time." and the goal value has changed to 2.
  • "Friends in High Places" has been changed to highlight a Certain, Special Somepony!


The following cards have been moved to a new expansion that will focus on Specific Pony goals:

  • And That's How Equestria Was Made
  • Cupcakes
  • The Fun Has Been Doubled
  • Wizard's Duel
  • History Lesson
  • The DoctorDerpy
  • Personal Training Session
  • A Dragon's Honor
  • Oh, Caramel
  • Beautiful Quartet
  • Kiss and Make Chaos

The following goals have been renamed:

  • "NOW It's a Party" is now called "Ain't no Party Like a Pinkie Pie Party"
  • "It's Always the Quiet Ones" is now called "Recruitment" and no longer requires males.
  • "You Are Amongst Royalty" has been changed to "A Blessing of Alicorns"

The following Goals have been added:

  • Book Club
  • Enjoying the View
  • Cider Squeezin'
  • Iron Pony Competition
  • Evil Society for Evil
  • Landslide
  • Fleet Admiral
  • Coup d'etat
  • Friends in High Places
  • Recolor
  • Fluttershy's Home for Redeemed Evil Doers

The following goals have been added back in:

  • Patter
  • Spa Day
  • No Fate But What You Make

The following goals have changed:

  • Contemporaries now requires multiple elders, but does not necessarily require Granny Smith.
  • There's No Thrill Like Iron Will now requires a pony with the Villain keyword instead of background ponies.
  • Playing the Game no longer requires Blueblood specifically.

A whole bunch of ships have been added, filling the expansion up to its maximum 52.

Many ficlets have been changed or added.

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