Ponyville University: 0.0.2

Ponyville University is to be used with the Core Deck of TSSSF! It contains 52-card expansion themed around all of the show's foal characters, but in college.

To use this expansion, add the cards into the Core Deck and play as normal.

14/09/05 - The newest version is 0.0.1. After you click the link, click "View the Full File" to download.
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Vassal Module

Version 0.0.2

Art Updates

  • All ponies have now been sketched


  • N/A

Card Updates

  • The Keyword-Change ship ability has been added to Worst Field Trip Ever.
  • Chemistry Genius Twist's ability now has you draw a card as well.


  • All cards have been updated to a College theme.
  • This expansion is now known as Ponyville University.

Known Issues

  • "Wherefor" Art Thou should be "Wherefore"
  • Drag Racing Scootaloo and Shoestring Budget Scootaloo need their Misfit/In-Crowd keywords switched

Previous Versions

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