Want to get your cards printed professionally? Do it like we do!

I. Start Your Order

1. Go to Printer Studio

2. Click on Playing Cards & Puzzles, and then "Playing Cards" in the dropdown menu.

3. Choose "Poker Size Cards"

4. Choose "Poker Custom Cards (Blank Cards)"

5. Choose 162 cards in the dropdown menu. Click "Personalize It…"

II. Customizing the Fronts of Your Cards

6. Click "Different Images" under "Images and Text"

7. Start uploading all the cards!
If you want to have a Very Organized Order, upload them in this order:

  1. START_Fanfic Author Twilight.png
  2. PONY_Aloe & Lotus.png -> PONY_Cult Leader Fluttershy.png
  3. CARD_Derpy Hooves.png
  4. Then the rest of the Ponies
  5. Then the rest of the Ships
  6. Then the rest of the Goals.

Keep notes on what number each section of cards starts and ends, because you're going to have to match backs to the cards later. Remember, the number of a particular card is ABOVE it, not BELOW it. Save yourself from my mistakes.

8. There's a handy autofill option. Trust me, you want to use it.

9. Then hit Next Step at the top.

III. A Step No One Cares About

10. You don't want to add additional text or images, so just hit Next Step again.

IV. Customize the Backs of Your Cards

11. Once again, select different images.

12. This time, upload your four card backs.

13. Remember those notes you took earlier? Here's where you use them. Now the very lengthy process of dragging cards into spots. You can't autofill this, unfortunately. It's all manual. Then hit Next Step.

V. Hey Look, That Step No One Cares About Again

14. Once again, you don't want to add new images or text, so just hit Next Step.

VI. Verifying Your Cards

15. This time, you'll want to look it over. Make sure that all the right backs are on each card. It's easy to mess up.

16. At the bottom of the page, click the little checkbox that says you can get this printed. Then hit Next Step.

VII. Paying For Your Cards

17. The rest is all payment information and shipping! Put all that in, and voila! You're done!

18. And once again, if you're able and inclined, we ask for a small donation per deck to help keep us in the card business!

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