Make Your Own Cards

So you want to make your own cards, do you? Maybe you want to make your own game, even! Well, have we got the tools for you! Due to the hard work of a ton of enterprising fans, we have all sorts of tools for you to make your own cards!

Here are our guidelines for making cards:

  • You MUST use templates that include the dot watermark in the upper-left corner which denotes a fanmade card.
  • You MUST have "TSSSF made by Horrible People Games" in the copyright text.
  • You may sell any cards you make! If possible, we request a copy to play with.
  • You may alter the cards to create a spinoff game of your own (say, with Doctor Who), but you must link our game somewhere as original inspiration. (And then send us a link, because we want to see!)
  • Don't pass your cards off as "official." Don't use our official expansion symbols.
  • You may create and/or sell as many expansions or cards as you'd like. Have fun with it!

Tools For Fans

  • Simple Online App — By Latent Logic, coandco, and Ripp_. Now you can do it online! Make your cards with a simple visual GUI and save them easily in three different sizes: Vassal, Cropped, or Bleed! A very versatile and simple platform.
  • Python App — By Raubana. If you know how to install and use Python, this is an excellent and simple tool for creating your own cards.
  • Pre-Symboled Templates — By baka-neku. Neku has taken all of our basic templates and put in every combination of symbol you could want on there! Premade, easy to use.
  • Basic Templates — Our basic blank templates that we've provided for any fan to play with and use.
  • Python Script — The actual card generation script we use to create our own cards. WARNING: This is not user-friendly AT ALL! Python experts only!

Go forth and make cards! And make sure to upload them to ShipficBooru when you're done!

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