Holiday Special

While we don't sell decks outside of cons, it is after all the holidays, and everyone wants to give the gift… of Shipping!

For a very special Holiday treat, we are releasing the bleed files of our Core Deck, along with information for how to get them printed by our distributor.

They won't come with a Secret Shipfic tuck box, but you can get them printed in professional quality!

You can download a zip of the 1.0.4 Core Deck files here.
You can get the bleed backs from the TSSSF Templates here.
You can get instructions for how to get them printed here.

Please note: the money we make selling decks is what helps us get to conventions and keep making card games. Getting a deck through this method won't contribute to that. If you're able and so inclined, we would love a donation to our Paypal. We recommend a $5-$10 donation but really anything would be lovely.

If you're even more ambitious, consider supporting us monthly on Patreon!

And if you'd like to make your own print-quality cards on bleed templates, we've released those too! You can find those with the rest of the templates here.

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