Frequently Asked Questions

I have a question about the rules…

First, we have a handy-dandy long-form rules document available here.

If your deck is not the latest version, we have errata available here.

If you still have questions, we have a rules FAQ with all the rulings questions we’ve been asked over the years here.

If you STILL have questions, make it up. We're out of this biz. ;)

And now onto the rest of the Questions…

Q: You don’t have any cards in your store! Where do I buy this game?!
A: Since we decided to put HPP down, we’ve released all of the bleed files for free on our website. Feel free to print them out; you can view the license we released this game under here.

If you need help or advice printing your own deck for play, you can see our guide here.

Some have asked for a place to toss us a bone for our efforts. You can donate to us via PayPal here!

Q: Will you ship me a deck?
A: We are now out of business and no longer handle inventory. So, no.

Q: I’m part of a convention! Can we make exclusive cards to sell in our con store?
A: Absolutely!! Any and all conventions may develop and sell as many cards as they want. Please note that you will be ordering and paying for the cards yourselves.

Q: I’m not part of a convention at all, but I want to make my own cards to sell at conventions!
A: You can absolutely do that! Have fun!

Q: Can I sell the game you guys made?
A: We are okay with this. Good luck. (And if you want to toss some revenue our way, we’d sure appreciate it.)

Q: Can I commission my own card from you guys?
A: Custom card commissions are sometimes available! Keep an eye on the site and announcements for when they’re open.

I want to make my own cards for this game!

Q: Do you have templates available or anything?
A: We have all sorts of tools available for you to make your own cards.

Q: How do you feel about people using the TSSSF concept and creating their own spin-offs for other fandoms, like Homestuck or Harry Potter?
A: You’re welcome to it! Just be sure to credit us with the original concept and link back to our site so people can find us! (And then link us to your game because we’d LOVE to play it!)

Q: Will you come to my con?
A: We are no longer going to conventions.

Q: Can I interview you guys?
A: We are not accepting interviews or podcast invitations at this time.

Q: Can I pay Pixel to make cards for me long-term?
A: She's open to negotiations of the monetary kind! Shoot her an email at moc.tdnarblivc|tsitra#moc.tdnarblivc|tsitra if you're seriously entertaining this idea.


Q: Are the quotes on the cards from real fanfics?
A: Nope! It would be terribly mean to single out people and poke fun at them, and the last thing we want to be is mean. No, we wrote all of the ficlets ourselves for each card. That said, we did hold a contest where people wrote fics based off the cards, so some of those fanfics do now exist!

Q: If I were a writer, would you discourage, let, or encourage me to write these fics?
A: We absolutely encourage people to write fics off of the cards 😀 That would be cool. Just link our game in your description as inspiration if you post it anywhere, and link us the fic afterward so we can read it!!

Q: Speaking of, what ever happened with that Bad Fanfic Contest you guys had?
A: You can check out the masterpost here!


Q: Do you take card suggestions?
A: We are no longer taking suggestions as we are no longer developing this game.

Q: Is there a drinking game?
A: Not an official one, but an enterprising fan came up with an entertaining one!

Q: Any reason Granny Smith doesn’t have the “Granny Smith” keyword, but Young and Hot Granny Smith does?
A: In general due to space constraints, any card that would have an identifier keyword that was just their name, we left off that keyword. We figure they’re really only useful in situations where rules lawyering could come into effect. Because “Ship with any Granny Smith” is pretty easy to identify if the card is named Granny Smith, but less easy to identify if it were, say, Time Soldier Private Smith.

Q: How did you come up with/develop this crazy game? How did you fund it over Indiegogo? Do you have any tips?
A: We wrote all about that here!

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