Core Deck: 1.0.2

At long last! Version 1.0, our official, finalized version of the Core deck lives!!

14/06/12 - The newest version is 1.0.2.
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Version 1.0.2

Card Updates

  • "Men" has been changed to "Stallions" in Black Widow Rarity's flavor text.
  • Yer a Princess, Harry now also adds the "princess" keyword.

Version 1.0.1

Art Updates

  • Invasive Species background has been updated

Card Updates

  • Derpy's text has been updated to be consistent with other card updates.
  • Rules cards have had some of their typos corrected
  • Capitalization and terminology has been made more consistent across all cards
  • Changed the play from discard special ships to "Play From Discard" type, and added the ability to Amnesia and Cabin In The Woods

Version 1.0.0

Art Updates

  • The following cards have updated art:
    • Ships: Bad Pony! Go to My Room!Bored on a Sunday Afternoon, Cabin in the Woods Awooo!, Can I Tell You a Secret?, Checking It Off My List, Closed Door Negotiations, Crossover Fic, Divine Intervention, Dude Looks Like a Lady, Fillyhood Crush, From an Alternate Dimension, I Wish I Knew How to Quit You!, Leaving on a Personal Crusade, Life-Threatening Illness, Love Poison is No Joke!, On the Lam, Oops! Wrong Spell, Put a Ring On It, Rule 63, Saw You In a Dream, So THAT'S What That Does, Step Into My Basement, Stuck on a Balcony All Night, Suspiciously Romantic Random Picnic, The Other Mare, Startling Confession, They're At It Again!?, Time for An Experiment!, We've Got to Stop Meeting Like This, What Did I Do Last Night?!, Worldwide Threat of Destruction, Yer a Princess Harry!, You Had Me at Neigh
    • Goals: Fabulosity, Friendship is Benefits, Good Enough, Heh. Peasants., Help! I'm Trapped in a Shipping Card Game, Hold On; I Need to Make a Flow Chart,I Guess You'll Do, Invasive Species, I Swear I'm Not Gay!, I Swear I'm Not a Lesbian (now called "Just Experimenting"), It's Magical: Horns are Touching, It's Not Creepy, It's Not Evil, It's Not EXACTLY Cheating, Paradox, Queen Platinum's Court, Quite., Rainbow Dash Fan Club, Rodeo, Sadfic, Self-Insertion, Shining Armor Approves of This Experiment, Shipwrecker, The Quiet Game, Time Travelers Among Us, Well…Maybe, Wingboner
    • Ponies: Applejack: the Cutest, Smartest, All-Around-Best Background Pony; Bon Bon; Braeburn; Bulk Biceps; Caramel; Changelings (all of em); Derpy Hooves; Doctor Whooves; Druid Fluttershy; Fanfic Author Twilight; Granny Smith; Iron Will; Kefentse; Mr. Cake; Mrs. Cake; Nightmare Moon; Octavia; Pony Joe; Prince Blueblood; Sharpshooter, Applejack; Star Student Twilight; Starswirl the Bearded; The Wonderbolts; Tsundere Rainbow Dash; Vinyl Scratch; Zecora
  • The symbols no longer have drop shadows.
  • Love Poison cards now all have individual illustrations and names.
  • The card backs have been updated to match the complexity of the illustrations and front-design. The old backs will still be available as an option that should hopefully eat less ink.
  • Cutie Marks have all been added, at long last!
  • There are now Rules cards at the end of the doc. You're welcome!
  • The Start card border is darker.


  • Fewer "Search the discard" cards; more "Replace" cards.
  • Keywords have been added to all the powers so that it's easy to tell at a glance what they do (especially if you're familiar with the wording).
  • Antagonists have been unified with the Villain keyword.
  • Keywords have been alphabetized in the bar text.

Card Updates

  • Pinkamena's power has been updated (thanks to the reappearance of Replace powers) to knock off an extra pony when she replaces.
  • Various fics have been rewritten, tightened up, replaced, or otherwise fine-tuned.
  • Typos, typos, typos!
  • "I Swear I'm Not a Lesbian" has been renamed to "'Just Experimenting'"
  • "Want It. Need It." has been replaced with "Beach Episode"
  • Copyright text has been embiggened.
  • Symbols in the font have been made bigger and more legible; the numbers have been brought up to the baseline.
  • Worked out a few capitalization bugs

Rules Updates

  • A power can only be invoked once per turn (which is important since shipping two pre-existing ponies on the board currently lets you choose one pony's power and activate it).
  • The definition for "Play" has been updated.


  • Blessings be upon you, person who reads the update log.
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