Core Deck: 0.10.0

Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder is a (very unofficial) My Little Pony card game. In this game, you are Twilight Sparkle, Equestria's most prolific and horrific fanfic writer, and you are shipping* yourself, your friends, and your family together regardless of blood-relation, orientation, or harmonious mane and coat color combination! It pokes loving fun at shipping and fan culture, and of course ourselves.

The core deck is all you need to get started playing TSSSF, which has plenty of ponies, ship cards, and goal cards to play countless games with your friends!

14/04/05 - The newest version is 0.10.0b.
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Change Log

Art Updates

  • The following cards have updated art:
    • Ships: Now Kiss, Trading Up, It's a Sign, Amnesia, Slap-Slap-Kiss, Detention, Do You Think Love Can Bloom? Even on a Battlefield?, Have You Met My Friend?, I Read That in a Book Once, There Are No Brakes On the Love Train, They Fight Crime, Trapped in a Storm, Unexpected Pregnancy, Want It; Need It, Cult Meeting, Picking Up Mares: A Reference Guide, It Was You All Along
    • Goals: An Awful Lot of Running, Background Pony Party, Baka Kawaii Kissu, Beautiful Quartet, Beware the Groove, Big Mac is Big Mackin, Budding Curiosity, But I Thought You Wanted Whining, Chancellor Puddinghead's Entourage, Charity Auction, Commander Hurricane's Army, Contemporaries, Cupcakes, Cutie Mark Crusader Matchmakers, Deep Cover, Epidemic, Go Forth and Multiply, Hostile Takeover, My First Slash, Needs More Lesbians, Of Ponies and Peril: The Magnum Opus, History Lesson, Paradox, Princess Pile, Self-Insertion, Swinging, Under the Table, Wizard's Duel
    • Ponies: Lyra, BBBFF Shining Armor, Berry Punch, Best Foalsitter Cadance, Big Macintosh, Black Widow Rarity, Bon Bon, Broken-Wing Rainbow Dash, Cheerilee, Crackle, Cult Leader Fluttershy, Cider Season Applejack, Derpy Hooves, Discord, Druid Fluttershy, Flim & Flam, Freedom Fighter Pinkie Pie, Gilda, Gypsy Witch Pinkie Pie, Super Spy Twilight, Leader of the New World Rarity, Mahou Shoujo Derpy, Moe Fluttershy, Mortal Celestia, Pinkamena, Princess Cadance, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Private Eye Twilight, Queen Chrysalis, Royal Guard, Royal Guard Shining Armor, Smarty Pants, Road Warrior Spike, The Great and Powerful Trixie, Young and Hot Granny Smith
  • The keyword bar has been extended to make room for keyword updates.
  • The Male symbol has a new darker color to set it apart from the Pegasus symbol; Wonderbolts now have a Male/Female symbol; and the changelings now have black versions of the race symbols.
  • Ships now have bar text to accommodate nifty bar text for quick reference of ship type. (i.e. Race Change ships, etc)
  • The copyright text at the bottom of the cards now reflect the correct set and version.


  • All "search the deck" powers have been removed.
  • All "trade a pony on the grid with a pony from your hand" powers have been removed.
  • Several cards now have Pinkamena's "replace and discard" power.
  • Pony cards now have keywords in their bar text that the goals make use of, such as "Elder" and "Apple".
  • These keywords have been subsequently alphabetized! JUST KIDDING
  • All goals have been updated to fit the following format: "Win this goal when: X is shipped with Y" or "Win this goal when: You play X"
  • Changelings now specifically gain the names, symbols, and keywords of the ponies they imitate.
  • Ships with special effects now specify that they affect an entire pony card; therefore Flim & Flam (for example) would both be affected by the change.
  • Pony powers that copy other powers are specified to only be ponies on the grid already.
  • The rules document has been updated to reflect changes.

Card Updates

  • The following goals have been removed to be released as a separate expansion. This will keep the core deck a little bit more manageable before adding everything else:
    • An Awful Lot of Running, And That's How Equestria Was Made, Background Pony Party, Beautiful Quartet, Beware the Groove, Big Mac is Big Mackin', But I Thought You Wanted Whining, Contemporaries, Cupcakes, History Lesson, I Need a Volunteer, I Really Like Her Mane, It's Always the Quiet Ones, Kiss and Make Chaos, My Waifu, No Fate But What You Make, NOW It's a Party!, Oh Caramel, Of Ponies and Peril: The Magnum Opus, Personal "Training Session", Playing the Game, The DoctorDerpy, The Fun Has Been Doubled, The Sage From the Past, Swinging, Under the Table, Wizard's Duel, You Are Amongst Royalty
  • "W-Will It Fit?" has been pulled to be released in 50 Shades of Neigh, so as to keep the core deck PG.
  • The following cards have been removed:
    • Angry Sex? Angry Sex., But Lyra!, Confectioner Bon Bon, Guyra
  • The following cards have been added:
    • Royal Guard
  • "Anthropologist Lyra" is now just "Lyra"
  • "Family Appreciation Day" now refers to cards with the "Apple" keyword.
  • "My Waifu" now refers to cards with the "OC" keyword.
  • "Contemporaries" now refers to cards with the "Elder" keyword.
  • "Princess Pile" now refers to cards with the "Princess" keyword, and specifies it's in a chain.
  • "Shipwrecker" now requires you to wreck 12 ships.
  • Both Derpy Hooves and Mahou Shoujo Derpy have changed their name keyword to "Derpy"
  • Any pony whose name keyword was the same as their card name no longer has a name keyword. Reducing redundancy! Hooray!
  • "Mortal Celestia" is now properly a unicorn.
  • "I'm So Alone Twilight" is now "Private Eye Twilight"
  • "Big Damn Hero Applejack" is now "Cider Season Applejack"
  • "Seamstress Rarity" is now "Black Widow Rarity"
  • "Flutterbitch" is now "Druid Fluttershy"
  • "Charity Auction" now requires you to ship two gender-swapped ponies; it is now a zero point goal with an effect.
  • "Friendship is Benefits" now has an effect. It now requires "one each of the Mane 6" instead of naming them all, due to space constraints.
  • Added "This power cannot be copied" to Fanfic Author Twilight.
  • "Best Pickup Line EVER!!!" is now "Have You Met My Friend?"
  • "Love Poison" wording updated.
  • "Quite." wording updated. It has been increased to 2 points.
  • "The Great and Powerful Trixie" and "Kefentse"'s powers have been amended to no longer include Queen Chrysalis, because she's totally got the Changeling keyword now so it's redundant.
  • "Deus Ex Machina" has been replaced with "They Fight Crime"
  • "A Drunken Night Together" — which is conceptually covered under "What Did I Do Last Night?" — is now "Closed Door Negotiations"

Rules Updates

  • Rewrote the "On Your Turn" rules to hopefully be clearer.
  • If you have to replace your hand at the beginning of your turn, you may now continue with your turn as normal. You may only replace your hand once per turn.
  • Added a link, so anyone with a paper copy of the rules can get the newest ones!
  • Clarified the circumstances for when cards on the table are discarded.
  • Clarified how cards qualify for goals.
  • Clarified how goals are acquired.
  • Rewrote the rules to take keywords into account.
  • Revamped the Table Flipping mechanic. Now, only a single ship card is discarded (current player's choice).
  • Clarified how Changelings work.
  • Added multiple suggestions for alternative gameplay in the Variations section.
  • Clarified the game Objective, and laid out guidelines for different Goal Point targets, depending on the number of players.
  • When you play a Ship card between two Ponies already on the grid, you choose one of their powers to activate.
  • Clarified definitions in the glossary


  • Added cut lines.
  • Added the version to the bottom of the cards.
  • Death to the PG version! Or rather to the PG-13 version. The core deck is now entirely PG, and there is no need to have separate versions.

Known Issues

  • Running tab of obviously-missing cutie marks in the art:
    • Aloe/Lotus, Best Foalsitter Cadance, Beware the Groove, Big Mac, Contemporaries, Suspiciously Romantic Random Picnic, Epidemic, Freedom Fighter Pinkie Pie, Princess Cadance, Unexpected Pregnancy
  • I Saw You In A Dream's Ficlet Title: Omissions has one M.*
  • Titles: lower/uppercase 'A' conflicts. Pick one!
  • "Quiet Game" needs a redraw.
  • Trixie has the Villain keyword but Gilda doesn't. What constitutes a villain?
  • The PDF is cut off about 5px on the Right and Bottom.
  • Keywords need alphabetizing!
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